Trees Were In (EP)

by Aaron Sherwood

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released February 28, 2010

all sounds, songs, and particulate matter by aaron sherwood
with additional help from:
ursula kiczkowski, vocals ; wayne smith, cello; efan hsieh, violin

trees were in - poem by e.e. cummings
the ballad of albert asterix - written by aaron sherwood and lee davis
art design by jacob sherwood



all rights reserved


Aaron Sherwood Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Trees Were In
(poem by e.e. cummings)

were in(give
give)bud when to me
made for by love
love said did
o no yes

earth was in
with all beautiful
things when to
you gave gave darling

birds are
in(trees are in)
when to me you
leap and i’m born we
‘re sunlight of
Track Name: An Optimistic Visit to the Grand Canyon Tinged with Uncertainty Due to a Solar Eclipse
i want to see the lightning flash of your dreams
and i want to hear your deepest depths of fear
and taste what you have and feel what you lack
and drink from that well together we can tap

just like that cloud floating quick through the sky
illuminated bright white by the sun’s light
but then grows dark and swells pregnant
and cant hold it in with a grin triumphant

i want to walk a plant’s slender stalk
your hand in mine up high we reach the top
and rest for a moment but then take a step
and plunge into places we haven’t been yet

that tiny dew drop sitting there glistening
listening to the sound whispering all around through the ground
because the sun came along and was singing it’s song
and the dew drop lifted let go and suddenly was gone

we’re huddled in the corner hungry and barely alive
shivering from a cold damp might outside trying to survive
but you can rest your back on mine and i’ll rest mine on yours
propped up against each other for a brief time sharing kind words

we close our eyes gently to rest but don’t fall asleep
and catch a short glimpse a peek of that which we seek
a moment we breathe together our meek humility
and shake the foundations of our very being

a rushing flow of water violently jumps the river banks
overtaking everything with great strength and sweeping it away
we’re caught in the flood helpless and try to hold on desperately
to anything and everything as we’re swept out to sea

don’t know where we’re going and what our fate might have in store
whether we’ll sink or swim or drown or live or wash up on some shore
but i reach for your hand wanting to hold it one more time
this moment together lets live it bravely in the bright sunshine

and we shall hum our eclipsed star
laughing at our tears we find we are
far beyond the borders boundaries binding our hearts
i whistle your name
a poem scribbled on a wall
an echo returns and nothing else
yes, nothing else at all
Track Name: The Husk, the Pith
you were
born today

it stormed
all last night
the morning was
clear and bright

a beautiful autumn day
the trees color sky blue
white clouds, a breeze
and you
Track Name: For Milk
how can i
sum up
the apple like
mud and light

if and smiling
beaming of
blood pumping
you & me

did we almost
in a flash
the flickering of
two beating hearts

blue orange unknown
electric spark
afraid of
Track Name: A Little Piece of Haiku
a little piece of haiku on a balled up piece of paper
tells the story of a far away place

a tiny bird is sitting there up in a tree high on a mountain
singing its little heart away

a song unfolds of heroic deeds of helping those in times of need
of beauty strength and courage of love

the tree the bird was perched upon became enchanted with the song
what a wonder that flew in from above


while the bird was singing something thundered through the atmosphere
a comet had pierced the sky

it set ablaze everything around, the bird the tree and all the ground
the mountain a great golden glow of fire

the bird lifted from the tree its wings alight bright burning
but still trying to sing as it flew

flames lept fed by rushing air, the song sung fighting off despair
the bird fell there was nothing it could do


still, while the bird was dieing
faint sound could be heard
a poetic abstraction
hues of light, a rushing spin, the earth

and when that bird was dieing
it sang softly
the strength of love and courage
a parting gift its breath trembling
Track Name: Tinder Punk Torch Fuse
you think you know
but you have no idea
go ahead and pretend
that you don’t see me here

avert your eyes
oh so casually
the unspoken speaks out
and i know you see me

you hide all your pain
beneath that smile of yours
what a beauty it is
it’s own fragile blur

how long will it take
till you recognize
your lungs are breathing
god damn it you’re alive


come on let go
i know you cry secretly
just once i want you
to talk honestly

look me in the eye
let it out scream madly
or whisper in my ear
quietly trembling

we once were friends
but then ceased to be
do you place blame
am i guilty

how would i know
you won’t talk to me
well i’ve had enough
i’m not what you want me to be
Track Name: The Ballad of Albert Asterix
we know a lot now possibly too much
about the troubled youth of norfolk virginia
about the motivations of science fiction writers
and the requisite teenage heartbreak of young albert asterix

he beats his highest score and walks along the beach
he hopes to see her
he’ll never show her but in his masterpiece
she is the savior
she’s anitgravity and rids the world of evil
clad in leather
he sees it now adoring fans he wins her heart
it’s a best seller

beat up by the sailors’ kids he wonders what he ever did
without her
trapped inside this town impossible to leave it seemed he’d
found the answer
in his dreams side by side galactic heroes
and though he tries not to believe he knows she’s
really gone forever

sitting at the station with a bag of clothes
his manuscripts and
ashes of a savior found, his dried up youth,
this oppressive town
waiting, wondering
unsure of just where he’s going

we know a lot now possibly too much
about the troubled youth of norfolk virginia
about the motivations of science fiction writers
and the requisite teenage heart break of young albert asterix